Conversations with the boy

Advance copies of 50 Body Questions arrived on my doorstep, and if my kids are any indication, it’s going to be a popular book.


My son sat paging through it while I was cooking dinner. He had all sorts of questions about how my computer text became flashy pages. How did it get put together with the illustrations? (Graphic designer.) Did I decide which sentences were big, or did someone else? (Usually me.) Did I make the cover? (No.)

Finally, he flipped to the back page and the picture of Ross Kinnaird.


Son: He did the pictures?

Me: Yes.

Son: For all your books?

Me: For all the 50 Questions books.

Son: What about Anywhere But Here?

Me: It doesn’t have illustrations.

Son: What?!

Me: It has a photo on the cover, but no inside pictures.

Son: That is SO boring.

My poor just-turned-seven son. The approaching grown-up world is full of disappointments. Fortunately, there are plenty of 50 Questions books to keep him entertained in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “Conversations with the boy

  1. Mary Jane

    Tanya – Wow. That looks like another great book from your hand. My grandson is only six but he loves to know about the body and how things work and he is going to have that book as soon as it is available. So glad you wrote it.


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