Cover crises and other news

My second draft is off into the hands of my writing group. The ending still sucketh, but the group tends to be a forgiving (and helpful) bunch. I’m hoping someone will have a vision of the perfect final scene. And share it. And maybe just write the darned thing.

In non-fiction news, my impromptu proposal is accepted, and I’m at work on the first chapter already, in preparation for a meeting with the illustrator. The illustrator actually lives in Vancouver and I get to meet him in person (!!), which will be a strange and unusual experience after working with the brilliant Ross from New Zealand (the 50 Questions series) and the amazing Clayton from the Far East (The Lowdown on Denim).

Speaking of Denim

The cover, possibly my favourite cover of all time, has been conservative-ized after objections from the U.S. sales force. I was quite devastated, initially, having fallen in love with the leg hair and all. But, Clayton managed something just as fun, without any hint of flashing.

This is one of the interesting things about children’s books: you have to appeal to the readers AND remember the 70-year-old aunts who might be holding the credit card.

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