Curling gold

We had a fun breakfast this morning, watching the Canadian women’s curling team win gold as we ate our eggs.

Min said, “It’s strange how people only watch curling once every four years, during the Olympics.”

And I said, “Maybe in your family. My family watched the Brier, the Tournament of Hearts…”

In fact, one of my earliest memories is of my sister and I getting paid (paid!) to rub my parents’ shoulders after they’d been up all night in a curling bonspiel.

I guess that’s how you can spot a girl from the interior. Ask her if she likes curling. The only other folks I’ve met who’ve been watching are the ones from Ontario. And the way to tell the difference between someone who grew up here versus someone who grew up in Ontario? They like curling and they’re rabid for Swiss Chalet sauce.

Do they put crack in that stuff out east? It’s just sour BBQ sauce. Curling’s a much better love!

2 thoughts on “Curling gold

  1. Holly

    Double gold! I feel like as a Canadian I should try curling at least once. I have a friend who goes once a year with a group of friends. Do you ever curl in Vancouver, Tanya?


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