David’s gonna fix my hairspray issues

The lovely Antonia Banyard at Annick Press just sent me this link to a David Suzuki Foundation survey on cosmetic chemicals. Of course, I’ve switched over completely to organic varieties, so had nothing to report. Ha! Just kidding. I still need that hairspray to shellac the grey hairs to my head, thus making them less noticeable.

(Yeah… if that’s not working, can you just pretend that it is?)

3 thoughts on “David’s gonna fix my hairspray issues

  1. Jacquie

    Speaking of grey hairs, my daughter says I should think about dying my hair soon (she’s so sweet). I wonder what David Suzuki has to say about hair dye?

  2. Kristen L-M

    Hairspray for gray hairs? I haven’t tried that myself. I keep fighting the urge to pull them out one by one because when they grow back they stick up on the top of my head and make me look stupid. Honestly, I wish I could grow my hair out like Albert Einstein once I go totally gray. I really like that look.

  3. Tanya Post author

    The Albert Einstein look… maybe if we all did it together, we could start a fashion trend.


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