Dear Dr. Phil

Being a SPUD kinda girl married to a Wal-Mart kinda guy can lead to occasional foot stomping, name calling, and tooth gnashing. Are SPUD shoppers spoiled snobs, or are Wal-Mart shoppers brazen consumerists? Is the freezer intended for frozen blueberries, or frozen pizza? These are serious marital issues, especially when SPUD girl gets hypocritically hungry for pizza in the middle of the night…

Can the gap be bridged?

Well, I saw this article on Treehugger the other day, about how fantastically well Wal-Mart is doing with its environmental goals. Yup. You heard that right. Treehugger, Wal-Mart, and fantastic all in the same sentence. And, because Min bought organic ground pork at Whole Foods this week (without me even present!), I might tell him about the article.

I might.

2 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Phil

  1. Deryn

    OK, so someone has got to ask…what’s a SPUD girl? My urban dictionary says it’s a girl from Idaho, which in your case is almost true, but not quite.

    Am I one too?


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