Death defying feats

My daughter’s away at camp for the first time this week. We’re all missing her around here, but we’re also doing as many fun things as possible without her. Because, you know, people should be punished for wanting to leave us.

One of our excursions was the canopy walk at UBC Botanical Gardens. It sounds so serene, doesn’t it? As if it might be suitable for seniors in safari hats?


I’ve actually been avoiding this particular canopy walk for years because I used to play ultimate with one of the guys who built it and, well… let’s just say he had too many substances in his bloodstream to be trusted with life-saving cables.

It was just as crazy as I feared. Look at this thing:


And when you’re miles above the ground, dangling from a tree, what do you not want to see? Duct tape.


We made it, though. And we found this lovely barred owl waiting to celebrate our safe descent. Or maybe waiting to laugh if we fell to our deaths.


I don’t personally trust the look in his eyes.

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