I’m having fiction vs. non-fiction issues right now, as I squirrel away at a fiction project and conveniently ignore both my own non-fiction idea and one which my publisher just sent me. My excuses for this are as follows:

  • The busy fall has left me tired, and I’m enjoying the freedom to work on what I want, when I want, with no deadlines.
  • If I get involved in a non-fiction project, it’s going to take over my mind and my fiction is going to get kicked back into the waiting room.
  • I have another fiction idea, which I can’t start until I finish the current project. Then there’s the old project which needs to be re-re-revised. The waiting room is crowded.

The problems are as follows:

  • I get paid for writing non-fiction, which is not always the case with fiction. Getting paid is a good thing.
  • I have problems saying “no” to my publisher. I get to the “n” part and “no” somehow turns into “n…ot unless I can write half the manuscript in bubble letters” and she says okay and then I’m committed.

Hmmm… this is three “nays” for non-fiction and only two “yays,” by my count.

I’m glad we had this talk.

5 thoughts on “Dilemmas…

  1. Deryn

    I’m a little torn on your behalf, Tanya. You get paid for non-fiction and have a publisher sending you work – fantastic! (Might I point out that it is often the other way around?) But your fiction readers are hanging – remember – young woman in peril in a guest house in a town called Frank? Sigh. Oh, but wait. There is this thing called school. It’s amazing – the little people go there and stay ALL DAY. Won’t be so long now, and we can wait until then I suppose. We are patient. 🙂


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