Dirty dinner

I had dinner on Sunday with the Dirty Girls Running Group Which Doesn’t Actually Run, a collection of 7 treasured friends. (Plus a guest appearance by the daughter of one, so make that 7 1/2 friends). One of the Dirties is giving a talk at TedExWestVancouverED in September, and we are inordinately proud of her.

I suggested that we put it on our collective to-do list. After all, these are some of the most brilliant, fun, and fascinating women in my life. We should all get ourselves invited to give a TED talk at some point.

“What would you talk about?” my friend Joanna asked me. (As an expert in resilient food systems, ¬†she wouldn’t have a problem. She could also illustrate her own talk.)

I thought for a moment. A long moment. “Punctuation?”

Oh my.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to run. I have to become an expert in something amazing, asap. Preferably something which lends itself to engaging visual aids.

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