Do I hear 10 more pages?

Remember what I said about consecutive grant deadlines, and how I might be able to write an entire novel if only there were enough grant proposals, at appropriate intervals? Well, it turns out that the Canada Council proposal, due two weeks after the B.C. Arts Council proposal, requires an additional 10 pages.

I should be careful what I wish for.

  • Note to peer review committee: this blog post in no way implies that I have not been locked in an attic diligently working on these 30 pages for months, in poverty and obscurity.
  • Note to publisher: this blog post in no way implies that I am not dedicating all of my time to researching my current non-fiction project.
  • Note to husband: this blog post in no way implies I’m not still typing your article references. And making you a title page. Yeesh.

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