Does it help? No!

I received an e-mail from a new friend yesterday, who had just read some of my Crowsnest installments. She wrote: “how brave you are to post as you go. Does it help the process?”

Um… NO! It does not help the process, because there is no process. There is only the embarassment of sometimes writing dreck, combined with a frightening, looming sense of responsibility.

Which might lead one to ask, “Tanya, if writing Crowsnest is stressing you out, why exactly are you doing it?”

Well, because my sister’s reading it. She says she likes it. There are a couple other friends reading it. There’s a woman in Creston who I’ve never met but hope to — she comments. And isn’t that all a girl needs? Apparently, printed books are going down the toilet any day now. At the best of times, they only earn enough money to buy dinner for four at the Keg. So why not scribble some ideas and keep writing as long as the story is pleasing me or entertaining someone else?

Sandy, Jacqui, Shanda, and Deryn, if you start hating Crowsnest… you pull the plug anytime.

2 thoughts on “Does it help? No!

  1. Sandy

    Dinner for 4 at the Keg is no joke! And YES, your sister IS reading, and would appreciate more…as long as it’s not making you crazy trying to keep it going, I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment!!!


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