Draft two

I’ve been whittling away at a rewrite, in preparation for my March writers’ group meeting. On this particular project, revisions have meant three things:

  • Differentiating between my two main female characters. Because the protagonist is a guy with less-than-acute emotional intelligence, and I’m limited to describing things through his eyes, it’s been a challenge to get beyond hair colour and breast size and include some scenes which thoroughly illustrate the girls’ characters. Getting Into Character has been a helpful source — a book recommended in one of Alex Van Tol’s blog posts.
  • Ensuring my main character has a goal in each scene, and that he’s driving the action, not sitting in the backseat like a passive wuss. Well… sometimes his hormones drive the action, but he’s 17. He thinks it’s his brain doing the work.
  • Expanding and clarifying the ending. I’m guessing that I shouldn’t wrap everything up in the same four or five paragraphs. I think I got a little impatient to finish draft one. And for this one, I’m afraid I have to rely on my own lazy-ass brain.

Cross your fingers that the girls in the writing group like it! Then, I may have to find some male beta readers. The whole manuscript’s been sitting on the back of the toilet for weeks waiting for Min to read it, and no luck so far…

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