I went to the TWUC AGM panel discussions on Friday, a feat which involved having my parents take my kids to school, having my mother pick up my son from preschool, having my husband leave work at 11:15 to take over childcare so my parents could catch a ferry, and arranging a babysitter for 12:45 so my husband could get to his martial arts class.

If this writing gig doesn’t pan out, I am seriously overqualified to be an air traffic controller.

The AGM itself was… interesting. It reminded me how many amazing, well-spoken, talented people there are in the world of books. It opened my eyes to all sorts of issues in the lands of ebooks and libraries and self-publishing. And it made me just a teensy bit glad that I can return this week to my own sheltered world of writing.

The most intriguing panel of the day was the one on copyright issues. I’ve been feeling horribly guilty about:

(a) not fully understanding copyright; and,
(b) not having a strong position.

I waft between copyright-is-vital and sharing-is-good-for-everyone. What I learned at this panel was:

(a) copyright is flippin’ complicated; and,
(b) many share my state.

In a strange way, that made me feel so much better.

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