I’ve been hard at work on an edit. So hard at work that I forgot to post. I even forgot to feel guilty about not posting.

But I’m back, with a list of three things to make anyone more open to editing changes:

1. Have all your friends ask how your book is going, for months, and have nothing to tell them. It’s like having all your great aunts ask why you’re still single. Such a relief to say “I’m dating someone, actually.” Phew — I’m editing!

2. Have your friend receive a 20-page editorial letter. That’s right – 20 pages of issues to address. My editorial letter was only five pages long. Now, doesn’t that seem eminently reasonable by comparison?

3. Don’t read your manuscript for two months. The problems light up like neon strip club signs.

Onwards to draft two! And because I’m going to spend the rest of my morning on further revisions, I’ll set aside the question of whether or not it’s okay to have great aunts and strip club signs appear in same list. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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