I hate writing conclusions. Not because I’m sad to reach the end. By four or five months into a project, I’m usually more than ready to finish the first draft. No, it’s more one of the following:

  • “Does this project have a point? I’m sure that when I started, I intended to have a point.”
  • “What is the meaning of these 60 pages? Oh my goodness… I have no idea! What if there is no meaning?!?”
My draft of 50 Poisonous Questions has been done for a couple days now. All except that dastardly conclusion. Finally, it came to me (in the shower, of course) this morning. My conclusion was already there! The meaning of life, the universe, and everything poisonous. It was misplaced as a sidebar in chapter three!
My daughter was late for school, but that’s okay. When the conclusion is found, it must be put in its rightful place immediately, and the needs of other family members just have to wait.
A little proofreading tomorrow, and draft number one is off to the editor!

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