Family night at camp

This is me and my friend Leanne, in our pyjamas, shepherding our kids through their school’s Camp Read-a-Lot evening.

It was the second annual Camp Read-a-Lot. After dinner, the primary students headed back to school in their PJs to find the gym filled with tents. The lights were off and they all curled up in their sleeping bags to read, together or apart, by the glow of their flashlights. After a half hour or so of reading, there was a group story around a Christmas-light-and-cello-wrap campfire. This year, the read-along books were Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes and Goodnight iPad.

The festivities were all wrapped up with s’mores and apple cider.

The event is the brain child of the school librarian, Super Y, who is sort of a cross between your traditional, everyday librarian and Lady Gaga. She’s the one wearing the pink wig in the background of this photo. (I have no idea who the big head in the foreground is. This is what happens when I ask Min to take blog photos… “but don’t show anyone’s face.”)

A great time was had by all. And, if you want to feel as if you were a part of the occasion, check out Goonight iPad:

3 thoughts on “Family night at camp

  1. Mary Jane Muir

    Neat post about a creative event for the kids and parents with a clever video added. Thanks Tanya. You brightened up my day. And the sun is actually shining in Vancouver for a second day in a row. Hope to see you at Shar’s CWILL lunch tomorrow?


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