Fifty questions I didn’t ask

Look what arrived on my doorstep on Friday:

That’s right: 50 Climate Questions, by Peter Christie and illustrated by Ross Kinnaird. You will notice that it’s not written by me, and that’s because the only thing I know about climate science is that it freaks me out. Peter Christie, on the other hand, knows quite a lot. For example, he knows that Earth had a bad case of flatulence 4 billion years ago, he knows how climate and witch burnings are related (crazy, no?), and he knows why a mini-ice age helped Stradivari produce great violins.

You know what else is great about this book? Annick just sent me a cheque for use of the concept.

Now that’s even crazier than climactically affected witch burnings! From now on, I’m skipping all this tricky research and writing stuff. I’m gonna sell me some concepts.

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