In the land of children’s non-fiction, you finish the manuscript and the editing, and then you enjoy a long period of watching while other people work.

For example, I finished most of the 50 Burning Questions revisions in July. Since then I’ve spent my weeks musing over illustrations and sample page designs and cover revisions, all sent to me just for my opinions or input, and requiring little actual angst or hair-pulling.

And then… the index. The request arrives in my in-box like a brick through the window and forces me to put aside all my airy-fairy new book ideas and actually focus. With every ounce of the limited logic available to me.

But now, it’s done. Finished. Complete. And so is the last of my work on this book. The whole thing is heading off to the printer this week and all I have to do is wait a few months for a colourful copy to arrive at my door.

Bon voyage, 50 Burning Questions!

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