I stay home. I do not flit about the town. I do not wear clothing suitable for public events. I do not say socially appropriate things for longer than one to two hours at a time.

Except for last week.

We went to the Springsteen concert on Monday, Camp Read-a-Lot at the school on Tuesday (see last season’s event here), an emergency preparedness workshop on Wednesday (good to take action on one’s personal paranoias), and a Cirque du Soleil performance on Friday.

Whew! And I couldn’t even complain about being too old for all of that activity because Bruce is 62, and he was hosting a good ol’ fashioned tent revival on stage as if he’d never had a down day in his life.

Between it all, I wrote. And I’m so close to the end of a first draft (six chapters to go), it’s killing me. So close, and yet so far. And so many problems to go back and fix, of course!

Maybe if I play Springsteen anthems in the background…

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