Friday Story Time

My story this week isn’t exactly a story… more of an artifact. I tagged along on my daughter’s school field trip to Burnaby Village Museum, where, in between reprimanding badly behaved boys, I discovered this:


It’s a “computerized” cheese slicer from 1901, made by… IBM. It measures, weighs, slices, and prices your purchase.

Of course, I came home and immediately googled IBM to see if they really made cheese slicers. Apparently, they did.

Since I was much more interested in Burnaby Village Museum than most of the kids, I’m heading back as soon as possible — with only my own monkeys in tow, this time.

2 thoughts on “Friday Story Time

  1. Sarah

    My kids went to a March Break camp there and they loved it – they loved the school house best. Let me know if you’re heading back. It’s relatively close to where we live.


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