Friends, I’m counting on you

I love serendipitous blog posts.

Last week, I followed a post about the letters of Blanche Howard and Carol Shields with a blog post about Norma Charles. And then, the next morning, I found Norma Charles’s name in one of Blanche Howard’s letters.

See? Serendipitous.

I e-mailed to tell Norma, because really, how cool is it to have your name mentioned in a letter to Carol Shields? Then Norma, who is very cool herself (and, incidentally, is the keynote speaker at Hycroft this Tuesday), e-mailed something along the lines of, “Oh yes, I know Blanche and Carol, and we had many dinners in Paris together.” Well, not really the dinners in Paris part, but still.

All of this leaves me thinking, some of my friends should get busy getting famous. And then they should write letters to each other and mention my name.

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