From the mailbox

I love receiving letters. This week brought one from a grade four student named Banff in Aurora, Ontario.

In part, it reads:

My purpose in writing this letter is because you write very interesting books and I learned a lot about underwear. I also have some questions. Why did you decide to become an author and why did you write 50 Underwear Questions?

I hope I did not disturb your writing. I am now done my letter and I hope you will find time in your work to reply.

Is that not the sweetest closing paragraph ever? I’m quite certain it is.

And in answer to Banff’s questions… I became an author because I love to write, and can’t imagine doing anything else; because I’ve tried working in an office and (“hate” is a strong word) intensely dislike it; and because I never, ever get bored learning about things like underwear.

Answer two: Whenever I’m not supposed to talk about something, I want to blurt it out all over the place. I’m a very bad secret keeper. BUT, I’m an ideal underwear-book writer. Because I can’t understand why, when everyone buys it and everyone wears it, no one talks about it.

Plus, undies have changed history in all sorts of interesting ways. Having read the book, you already know all that!

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  1. Other Tanya

    “I learned a lot about underwear.” I LOVE it! (the comment, I mean) As did I. Thanks for sharing!


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