From the vault

To prove that talent has nothing to do with the pursuit of a professional writing career, here’s a sample of my grade four storytelling abilities, courtesy of my dad.

The Secret Formula

One day Professor Pete comes running by you and thrusts a strange bottle of liquid in your hand.

1) The colour of the liquid in the bottle is:
purple and green

2) The smell of the liquid is like:
roten egg or sometimes a rose

3) One very strange thing about this secret liquid is:
every 60 minutes it changes color and smell like a rose

4) Quite by accident the bottle drops to the floor with a crash. The liquid is spilled all over. All of a sudden the most unusual thing begins to happen:
I open my bedroom door and my room is full of hats. I find a crab in the sink

Use the facts you have just completed and finish this story which is started for you…

My strange discovery of the secret formula came quite by accident. It all happened the day I dropped the bottle containing the mysterious liquid. Then right before my eyes…
it dissapered along with all the maps in the world. The children taght the teachers, everyone forgot the metric system & space. when I went to bed the light wouldn’t turn off. I finale got to sleep at 11:36 p.m. When I got up I went to see Proffesser Pete.
He said the liquid (whith was called oh-oh)”whore off in 48 hours”. “Oh no” I said,”I have to put up with this another day”! When i went home a crab was in the sink. I wathed T.V.for a hour. when I turned off the T.V. everything was normall again.

Hmmm… what kind of drugs was I taking in grade four? Thank goodness the liquid “whore off” when it did!

2 thoughts on “From the vault

  1. Deryn

    I think this shows great imagination. I can see why your dad kept it.

    I have something similar, but from grade 3. It is called “Through the Foggy Lane” and is in fact a mystery story. I may not have had talent at that age, but I sure knew what I wanted to do!

    I would never be brave enough to post it on my blog. Though it does have very cool illustrations, done by my BFF (We lost touch after grade 6. Can I still call her that?)


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