Green fever

One of the nicest things about working on a non-fiction project is the freedom to read novels without neuroticizing (should be a word) about the unfair talent allotted to writers other than me.

Right now, I have a stack of John Green novels waiting for me. I read An Abundance of Katherines before, and loved it. Now, because my friend Rachelle is a super-fan (sorry, Rachelle, hope I didn’t just out you), I’ve gathered up Paper Towns and Will Grayson, with a side serving of Libba Bray’s Going Bovine.

So far, I’ve read the first chapter of Paper Towns, which was highly entertaining, and the acknowledgements of Going Bovine, which was almost equally entertaining. Here’s my favourite line of thanks from Libba Bray:

“Clive Owen for continuing to have an imaginary affair with me.”

I, too, thank Clive Owen. I wonder if she’s seen him in the BMW short films

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