It is not an attack of severe coughing. No, it’s a tree. A Larix laricina, otherwise known as a tamarack larch. And, it’s the name of a reader’s choice award program in Nova Scotia, through which students will soon be reading copies of 50 Poisonous Questions.

Yay, hackmatack!


I’ve been trying to learn if any parts of the hackmatack are poisonous, because I thought that would be such a fitting combination, but so far it seems a fairly benign sort of tree. Although, wikipedia does say it’s highly competitive.

Like me.

Pick me, pick me, students of Nova Scotia!

Um… I mean, after reading all the other worthy titles (I don’t know what they are yet) and giving the competition serious consideration. Then pick me. You know, if you want.

* Photo by withrow.

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