Happy un-holiday!

I love holidays. I love the break from routine, not having to hustle everyone out of bed in the morning and nag them until they’re out the door. Not having to give my kids away for six-hour stretches. Not having to maintain a strict three-meal-a-day schedule but instead occasionally eat natchos in mid-afternoon and dinner at bedtime. I love Christmas wreaths and wrapping paper and silly New Year’s Eve hats.

But I also LOVE the return to normalcy. The Squash-and-a-Squeeze hugeness of my little house once the Christmas tree is gone and there’s space to breathe again. The predictability of my day. And, most of all, the first quiet morning when I’m the only one left in the house. The silence, the solitude, and that moment, right around 2:30, when I actually start looking forward to seeing my people again.

Happy un-holidays to everyone else who is happily defusing today!

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