How to file an HST payment: writer’s version

  1. Print finances for 3-month period, which look like a spreadsheet, but are really a table, because who the heck understands spreadsheets.
  2. Read blogs.
  3. Using thumb and forefinger, pick up financials from printer, and place on desk. Squint and tilt head from side to side, to see numbers swirl.
  4. Check Facebook, new Twitter account, real estate listings.
  5. Look for adding machine. Remember it broke during tax receipt round-up.
  6. Add up numbers on computer calculator.
  7. Add up numbers again.
  8. Realize that despite high school cashier experience, you can no longer input numbers without looking.
  9. Add up numbers again, while looking.
  10. Consider submitting resume to CRA, as perhaps they need someone who can write forms in English.
  11. Remember time at Forest Practices Board, and ensuing electroshock therapy. Rethink resume sending.
  12. Log onto on-line banking.
  13. Wonder what the heck is the difference between lines 106 and 107.
  14. Decide to go with 106, because even numbers are more friendly.
  15. Send.

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