How to know you’re at the end of an edit

  1. You refer to your project as “that stupid book.”
  2. For three nights in a row, just as you’re falling asleep, you’ve had an idea. And then you were mad because you had to get out of bed.
  3. You haven’t seen your friends in so long that you can’t remember their phone numbers. Or their names.
  4. Sensory deprivation tanks and those no-talking-allowed meditation retreats seem really appealing.
  5. You can’t summon enough energy to worry about earthquakes.
  6. There isn’t a scrap of candy left anywhere in the house.
  7. Your family’s scared to talk to you.
  8. There’s a pimple underneath the skin of your chin, large enough to be shown on Google Maps.
  9. Bachelor Pad seems like a valid entertainment option.
  10. In your spare time, you’re researching vocational programs. Welding is looking good. Lots of fire.

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