I am in awe

February, by Lisa Moore. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was so good?

Oh, wait… everyone did. I’m the last person on earth to read it. You can all skip this post because you’ve finished the book already. But if you haven’t… if, by some minute chance, you missed reading it… go and get it immediately. Right now. I’ll wait.

It’s that good.

The entire book is composed of tiny moments in which shock has slowed time and opened the senses, etching every sound and smell and edge and doorway sharply into the mind. A whole book of those scenes.

It’s the kind of novel that makes half my brain want to get to work, start writing. And the other half my brain is tucking its notebook away forever because nothing I write will ever be that amazing.

3 thoughts on “I am in awe

  1. Alex Van Tol

    Looked at this yesterday in Bolen Books. I think I began reading it at the airport bookstore last year and was sucked in right away. Will definitely pick it up. Have you given Ami McKay’s “The Birth House” a go yet? Makes me bloody well want to move to the maritimes, it does. Where I could then live relatively mortgage-free, writing novels and eating bon bons. Not in that order.

  2. Tanya Post author

    Yes, I really liked The Birth House. Although I sometimes felt as if she discovered almost too much interesting historical information, and then HAD to stuff it into the book, whether or not it fit the story. Still, great book.

    And I think you’re on the right track with the Maritimes. Sign me up for the cabin-on-the-rocks writer’s retreat!

  3. Shanda

    Haven’t read this, but I want to now! Also meant to give you back Mistress of nothing today – loved it.


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