I feel a conflict coming on

The kind and wise Rachelle Delaney read a few chapters of my work recently and said something like, “you may want to think about conflict.”

Yes. I may wish to think about conflict. I DO, in fact, think about conflict. I think about diffusing it whenever it arrises. I’m the one who calms family storms, soothes ruffled friend feathers, and averts impending tantrums.

Unfortunately, this ability transfers to my writing. In every first draft I’ve ever written, there are arguments that are resolved before they ever start and people who make up before the fight ever begins. I never managed to learn the “protagonist + conflict = tension” formula. Which is why I’ve decided to watch the following film over and over until it sinks in.

I’ll warn you, this clip is gross. Downright disgusting in parts. (My favorite line is “take ’em to the morgue and slab ’em.”) But it’s for my own good.

2 thoughts on “I feel a conflict coming on

  1. Sandy

    Well, the “slab em” is good, but the eye ball falling on the floor and bouncing back up into the air as it eyes the viewer (me) was a close second!

    Where do you find these things?? Wait, I don’t think I want to know.

  2. Rachelle

    Eek! Not really what I had in mind! Funny that the one who told you to think about conflict is now covering her eyes at the sight of blood. Serves me right!


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