I take it all back

Dear Co-op Students Collectively Known as Daisy Meadows,

I know I’ve been slagging your work here for the past week or so. It’s not easy to write a book, even a obscenely repetitive fairy book, so I probably shouldn’t have been so harsh.

Well, I’m here to take it all back. Your books are a little difficult still for my daughter to read by herself, but we took a plane ride to Creston this week to visit her grandparents. She spent half an hour (note that half an hour of on-a-plane-with-preschoolers equates to about seven hours of real life) reading the names of the fairies on the back page and matching them to the illustrations on the fairies on the back cover.

Daisy Meadows, if I had met any one of your incarnations right then, I would have kissed you.

All the best,

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