If I were my alter ego

While I’m not generally brave enough for public protest, I can’t help admiring those who are.

There are the glitterati, for example, dumping glitter over people’s heads to highlight anti-gay bigotry. This is a particular favourite of mine because glitter is so noticeable, yet so harmless. It doesn’t actually hurt to have glitter dumped on your head. The whole idea is genius, really.

Then there’s this guy, who robbed a dollar from the bank and demanded prison time so he could access free medical care. Crazy, but undeniably clever.

The master, of course, is Tim DeChristopher, who posed as a buyer in an oil and gas auction. His act was illegal, apparently, even though the auction itself turned out to be illegal. (I’m sure that makes sense in a parallel universe.) He’s supposed to be sentenced this week.

Honestly, it’s enough to make me want to chain myself to a tree-top platform in the rainforest. Which I would totally do, if it weren’t for the lyme-disease-carrying ticks, the rabid squirrels, and the possibility of ruining a perfectly good pedicure.

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