I’m in e!

Guess what I found out last week? I’m, like, totally twenty-first century! (You know, if only I could have kept my spiral perm from the twentieth century, I would totally talk like that, like, all the time.)

Whew. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, back to the news: 50 Burning Questions, 50 Poisonous Questions, 50 Underwear Questions, and The Lowdown on Denim are newly available in e-book form. However, because these books are so highly illustrated, they haven’t undergone an epub conversion: the e-books are actually PDFs.

They’re available from the following retailers:

You know what else? I, like, totally forgot to tell my dad that I dedicated The Lowdown on Denim to him — in honour of his Hopalong Cassidy fandom. What does Hopalong Cassidy have to do with blue jeans? Well, you can read the e-book to find out. And sorry about the oversight, Dad. You’re on the copyright page somewhere!

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