I’m in love with E.B. White. And maybe a little with Yann Martel, too. And his wife…

As you probably remember, I’m a huge fan of Yann Martel’s project, What is Stephen Harper Reading?, in which Yann mails off a book and a letter every few weeks, in hopes of opening Stephen Harper’s eyes to the world of arts. Yann recently sent off his 100th — and last — contribution to the prime minister’s library. While I was catching up on a few posts I hadn’t read, I came across this letter, about Charlotte’s Web.

It’s written by Yann’s partner Alice Kuipers, and includes the most wonderful description of Charlotte’s Web I’ve ever read. No wonder I love the book! The letter also includes these words from E.B. White:

“All that I ever hope to say in books is that I love the world. I guess you can find it in there, if you dig around.”

Isn’t that pretty much the best author quote ever?

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