I’m odd

This is probably not surprising news to most of you. But, it has now been objectively confirmed.

Annick Press sent me this link to quite a fun and complimentary review piece. It says “[Annick] struck me because I noticed them putting out non-fiction works on odd topics.” Well, it just so happens that two of the three odd topics mentioned happen to be books by me.

Because I’m odd.*

All I can say is thank goodness someone at Annick shares my warped sense of humour. And thank goodness, when they receive a proposal for vampires and leeches and medieval doctors and crime scene investigation all in the same book, they think it’s a great idea. Because if they didn’t, who in the world would?

Just wait until you hear what I’m working on now…

* Coincidentally, Odd was my grandpa’s first name. Seriously. I did not make that up.

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