In love with Lacuna

Well, OF COURSE Barbara Kingsolver won the what-to-read first contest. And The Lacuna did not disappoint. I read recently (on a blog? on a website? in the Carol Shields letters? I’m losing my mind…) that men won more prestigious prizes than women because women’s books were less ambitious.

Obviously, that’s just crazy. This book is hugely ambitious, encompassing gender roles, communism, modern art, fear in the media, nationalism… plus characters from Frida Kahlo to Trotsky… and so much more.

All in the story of a young Mexican-American writer. And the protagonist creates books set in the ancient past which reflect upon his time in history, and his life story reflects the present time, and… and, and, and. Let’s all just agree to love Barbara Kingsolver, and I can stop talking.

First dibs on my copy of the book, anyone?

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