In praise of sleep

Between late 2006 and mid 2007, we were getting very little sleep in the Kyi household. Min had a pinched nerve in his shoulder. I was carrying what would turn out to be a 10.7 pound baby. And once said baby arrived, he cried so often that Min had heart palpitations and the walk-in clinic sent him to the hospital by ambulance.

I’m not making this up.

I mention it now because last weekend, Min said: “You know, I finally feel like my IQ is back to normal.”

“It’s funny you should say that…” I answered.

During that exact time, I had a contract with Annick for a book about underwear. I wrote, they edited, I wrote, they edited, I wrote… and on the verge of the editor and I both giving birth, we all threw our hands in the air and cancelled the contract.

Well, I’m now working with Annick on a new project which involves mining much of that old underwear research material. So I pulled the manuscript out, and:



There’s no structure. There’s no organization. There are huge, gaping holes in the research.

All of this leaves me feeling grateful that Annick was willing to work with me again. And thankful that my IQ has returned to normal.

But has it? And how can I tell for sure?

3 thoughts on “In praise of sleep

  1. Anonymous

    I'm glad to hear you've found a way to reuse some of the material from the underpants book — a lot of great stuff there! (I think a major factor was also seeing an advance review of basically the same book coming out from another publisher….). Cheers, Pam.

    (note that I have to post anonymously, because my password is always wrong. sigh.)

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