In which I take the advice of a nine-year-old

Conversation with my daughter:

Her: How many people read your blog?

Me: Not that many.

Her: If you posted singing Cookie Monster videos, you’d have more.

Me: But that’s not what I’m interested in.

Her: Mommy, that’s what THE PUBLIC is interested in.

How can I argue with that? Here we go:

Though, personally, I’ve always been more of a Swedish Chef fan.

3 thoughts on “In which I take the advice of a nine-year-old

  1. Sarah

    I must admit that I did share this with my kids. And they enjoyed it. But, we have also enjoyed many other things from your blog.

  2. Mary Jane

    I have to admit I like Cookie Monster a lot and my favourite cookies are chocolate chip with walnut bits included. And I’m a grandmother for heaven’s sake!


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