Interview with the reader

Today we interview writer, reader, and seismic scare monger Tanya Lloyd Kyi, about her recent read, Cascadia’s Fault by Jerry Thompson:

Me: Tanya, do you or do you not have an admitted earthquake phobia?

Tanya: Not so much when my whole family is in the same place, but possibly when crossing high bridges, or when my children are in their death-trap of a school.

Me: Knowing that, was it a good idea to read Cascadia’s Fault?

Tanya: Probably not.

Me: And did your husband strongly recommend against you reading this particular book?

Tanya: Yes.

Me: And yet you chose to read it anyway?

Tanya: Yes.

Me: Can you explain this decision-making process, for those of us with more logical minds?

Tanya: It’s wonderfully written. A fascinating account of earthquake research, from the 1960s to today, explaining how scientists grew more and more sure that Cascadia was a disaster waiting to happen. AND, I now know how far I have to run to escape a tsunami.

Me: How… uplifting.

Tanya: It won the Canadian Science Writers’ Association Science in Society Award.

Me: So having read Cascadia’s Fault, are you now able to change society?

Tanya: Well, no, but if Christy Clark read it, that would be helpful.

Next on the to-read list: Impact!: The Threat of Comets and Asteroids.

(Just kidding.)

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