Introducing: the Goucher

“Goucher” is a word used by my husband and his friends to mean “a coincidence that goes beyond the realm of coincidence.” (It’s possible that reader Jacqui can give us an etymology of this word… keep an eye on the comments.)

I have two gouchers to share.

The first: my musically illiterate state was infringed upon by Lady Gaga last week. I heard her “Poker Face” song for the first time on Glee. Less than 16 hours later, I heard it blaring from the earphones of a man in the gym. And then, the very same day, I saw this video adaptation.

I came across this second goucher on the Tea Time at Annick Press blog. Two authors separated at birth? Could it be possible?

And is there a real word for “goucher”?

(In related posts: the verb “to wubble.”)

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