Is there a fairy godmother in this book?

In case anyone’s wondering whether I’ve left The Shock Doctrine untouched on my bedside table, the answer is no. I’ve been diligently, if slowly, reading it.

The book is packed with amazing research and horrifying stories. Still, there are only certain days I can face cracking open the cover.

Here’s my summary of the first quarter:

  • Brainwashing unsuspecting patients = evil
  • Torturing political prisoners = evil
  • South American dictators who assassinate democratic leaders = evil
  • American officials who conspire with South American dictators to assassinate democratic leaders = evil
  • American corporations that conspire with the CIA and South American dictators to demolish civil rights = evil
  • Multinational corporations that run their own South American torture squads = evil

I’m beginning to think the book might not have a happy ending.

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