Is this a trick?

I finished Solar this week. The nice ex-teacher at the reading promised me this was Ian McEwan’s funniest book, but I found it entirely, unsalvageably depressing. And the entire book is so “told,” and focussed on such an unlikeable character, that I’m wondering if McEwan set out to write badly, just to see if everyone would still buy his work.

It’s possible I’m a pawn in a cruel social experiment.

3 thoughts on “Is this a trick?

  1. gertjan

    Could not agree more…..from every angle an unlikely and unlikeable character. And I am saying that not just from my snobbish physicist perspective. The least satisfying IM novel in a while. Shame. So unmemorable, I already forgot how it ended.

    ps. if you see Jacqui, can you give her that tennis racket Min was going to lend me ?

  2. kc

    Tanya, I could NOT agree with you more. I have never enjoyed McEwan’s writing, and I have persevered through many of his books, TRYING to enjoy them. I’ve finally learned my lesson and given up.



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