Island days

It was off to Victoria for the Kyi family this weekend. We spent three days wandering Beacon Hill Park and Oak Bay and Government Street.

I was a bit worried that between dining and shopping and manicures with both a sister and a sister-in-law, I might run out of island time before I got to my favourite spot of all. But I made it. I left sister-in-law and daughter happily shopping and I pulled my son across the street to:

Munro’s. It really is the most lovely bookstore. I drooled my way along the aisles and then, because of my companion, I headed for the back room to deliberate between multiple Captain Underpants choices. But even Captain Underpants looked more sophisticated among tables of staff picks and rows and rows of face-out books itching to be chosen.

My son left with Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets. I left with Everything on a Waffle. We shall see which is better, but I have to say, I’m extremely partial to waffles.

(Bonus Victoria moment: I made it to Murchie’s next door before the other girls finished shopping.)

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