It rains, it pours

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I started freelancing was this: enjoy the downtimes. If you spend all your quiet times worrying about not having work, and all your busy times hurrying to finish your work, you’ll have no relaxing days left.

Good advice. I do my best to follow it. But then, after a few days, I start to think I may never write anything again. I may have missed my calling as a wild animal trainer. OR, I might be caught in a sudden storm and struck by lightning just before I was supposed to write the best book ever.

All useful and motivating thoughts.

Last week, I started something new.

Then Annick approved a new non-fiction proposal (yay!) and my agent e-mailed to say she’d be sending editing changes (yay!/yikes!) and… oh, my… those two weeks of spring break crept up on me. Now I have all this work and no work hours.

What was I thinking, trying to start something new? Why wasn’t I drinking coffee and having pedicures all last week?

Next time…

3 thoughts on “It rains, it pours

  1. Mary Jane

    I just wanted to say I find your blog to be so filled with wisdom and great advice and so funny at times. I love your sense of humour. No wonder you are soaring out there in the world of books. Keep it up Tanya. You are amazing.


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