It’s all about the space metaphors today

Things are a little busy around Chateau Kyi this week, because the first edit of my manuscript arrived Monday morning like a molten meteor of doom, and landed blazing on my desk.

Okay, that might be slightly melodramatic. Waiting for the edit was worse than the edit itself. The comments seem very reasonable, and they all appear in a lovely shade of lavender. Lavender makes everything more friendly, no?

Plus, I feel better about edits in general ever since watching this John Green video about the editorial letter for an early draft of The Fault in Our Stars. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, start about 1:50. He reads this cosmically long sentence about missed opportunities to discuss the meaning of martyrdom. I haven’t gotten that note on a manuscript yet, nor have I ever received a sentence that long from an editor. And for these things, I’m thankful.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the space metaphors today

  1. Rachelle

    This made my day. I’ve been so behind on blogs and John Green goodness, but this made up for so much. And yes, I agree about the lavender. Pink pen, not so much.

  2. Sandy

    Jason wants to say “writers sure coop up a lot of angst!”

    I say…”is this guy taking something to get him through his re-write, because I think he’s high.”


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