Let’s play 20 Questions!

While driving around the province in August, we had some highly competitive rounds of 20 Questions. Eventually, when playing 20 Questions, you have to let the four-year-old have a turn thinking of a person, place, or thing. The only problem is that the four-year-old’s answers are not entirely reliable.

These were two of our most interesting rounds. Both are “things.” See if you can guess the answers.

Thing A:
It’s higher than a mountain.
It’s black.
It’s not a storm, or a cloud.
It’s sort of round.
It’s sort of in the sky.
It’s made by God.
It’s not bigger than the Earth, it’s actually tiny, but it’s in lots of countries, so it might actually be bigger than the Earth.

Thing B:
It’s round.
It’s silver.
It’s smaller than an elephant.
It’s part of nature.
It’s not made of metal.
It’s not made of wood.
It’s in the sky.

Have you guessed? Well, Thing A is the electrical wires going over the mountainside. Thing B is the moon. Which you have to admit, does appear smaller than an elephant.

Another round, anyone?

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