Library love

During last week’s period of blog-amnesia, I forgot to post about my visit to the Whistler Public Library. This wasn’t a work-related visit. This was a “day four of vacation and we’ve already read all our books” visit.

But thank goodness we went. Look at how beautiful this place is:

And I don’t know if it’s because the library is less used than our local branch, or if ski resorts have more money to buy books, of if the book fairies were simply smiling on us that day, but the shelves were STOCKED! My kids had armloads of books they couldn’t wait to read.

We were able to use our Vancouver library cards to check them out. We took most of the books back before we left town, but the few that were still unread? Well, we could take those home and return them in Vancouver. How great is that?

You gotta love the library.

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