Like Netflix, but better

I love having my own personal pre-reader. My daughter gets stacks of books from the library and basically screens them for me.

Sometimes she tells me they’re not worth my time. Sometimes after the first few chapters, she says I should read it once she’s finished. Then by the end, she’s less enthused.

Occasionally, she plops a book onto my lap and says, “I’m taking this back to the library tomorrow but you have to read it. Tonight.”


Her latest recommendation: The War That Saved My Life, by Kimberly Brusker Bradley. It’s the story of an abused girl in World War II London who’s evacuated to the countryside, and there finds the strength to reshape her own life. Plus ponies.

What else could one need?

(My son is also reading, but his recommendations are slightly different. Most recently, he said: “Do you know the fastest person to eat three eclairs took 18.02 seconds? We should try to beat that.”)

6 thoughts on “Like Netflix, but better

  1. Sarah

    I am getting similar recommendations from my kids. Although Fiona isn’t quite as generous. She is more like “you wouldn’t understand why I have to stay up so late, because you haven’t read “Cinder” yet.” Fiona is reading the Lunar series right now (scifi takes on fairy tales) , as well as White Queen. Have you guys tried those ones yet?

  2. Tanya kyi

    Hi Sarah! This is Tanya’s daughter. I read the Lunar series too! Here are some book recommendations for Fiona if she’s interested!
    1. The mother daughter book club series (7 books)
    2. The war that saved my life
    3. Sunny side up
    4. Tapper twins (Little young but still really good)
    5. Arthur bean series (3 books)

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for the recommendations, We had only tried the mother-daughter book club. And Fiona tells me its Red Queen, not White Queen.


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