Locked out?

In my writing workshop last weekend, the instructor noted that references to lockers in young adult books may date the books, as lockers have been taken out of many U.S. high schools. Apparently, this was because of security concerns. (And apparently, as another writer pointed out, it’s better to have students carrying their guns and drugs to class, rather than storing them in their lockers.)

My question is this… wha? No lockers?

Without a locker, where is your home away from home? Your tiny space of refuge? Your cubicle of quiet in a chaotic world?

The stockpile of Tylenol 3s you stole from your grandmother?

Your bottle of Ice Mist hairspray?

Where do you hang your Bon Jovi picture?

Of course, I only had access to these things on days when I could remember my lock combination…

Okay, you know what? Let’s just forget I wrote this post.

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