Loving the Lists

I love to-do lists, not only because of the glow of accomplishment that comes from crossing things off, but also because of the ridiculous juxtapositions that are our lives. This morning I sat down at my desk to find the following tasks:

Finish project summary
Wash kids’ soccer clothes
Write guest post
Read violin book
Hang lamp

I am officially a writer, laundress, researcher, and carpenter. Maybe some people get to separate their lists into an office to-do and a home to-do, but I’m guessing most of us take on multiple roles in the course of a day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pull the muffins out of the oven. I forgot to add “baker” to my list.

2 thoughts on “Loving the Lists

  1. Sarah

    I love the lists too. And never thought of the juxtaposition before. BUT, the other night, just as I was saying “We’ve got to put popcorn on the shopping list…” on came Walmart’s commercial – ‘The List-making Mom.” Sam couldn’t stop smirking. If he had been drinking, he would have snorted milk out of his know. But a bit of a damper on my list-love to be so sharply and immediately parodied.


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