May protest letter of the month

Yes, I know it’s June. I’m a little late. But so is Gordon Campbell. Here’s my letter:

Dear Premier Gordon Campbell:

I am writing to ask you to do more to protect British Columbia’s endangered species.

I recently visited the Vancouver Aquarium with my kids, and had the opportunity to be pulled by the arm (occasionally in two directions at once) through the frog exhibit. I didn’t get the chance to read many of the interpretive signs, but I did read one – and was appalled to discover that the leopard frog is now only found in one place in the world. That place is Creston, B.C.

Now, as someone who grew up in Creston, I know there are many people who choose never leave the valley. Maybe they don’t like the mall in Cranbrook. Maybe that casino in Bonner’s Ferry isn’t as appealing to them. I can respect that choice.

Surely, a frog would rather have relatives in other swamps?

I mean, as a former rebellious teen who got the heck out of dodge at the first opportunity, I was thankful there was an outside world waiting. Can you imaging being a rebellious teenage leopard frog? Leaving the Creston Valley Wildlife Center, swearing you’ll never go back, only to find… nothing? No hip new friends, no university courses, nothing?

As this is obviously a dire situation, and as B.C. is one of the only provinces in Canada without legislated protection specifically for creatures such as these stranded frogs, I would ask that you work immediately toward drafting new legislation.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Tanya Kyi

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